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Are Court Records Public in North Dakota?

Yes, court records are public in North Dakota. According to the public record act, court records are considered public information and are available to the general public for viewing and obtaining copies. This allows individuals to access important information about legal processes, including documents, files, transcripts, dockets, and court case information from courts in North Dakota.

What is included in court record in North Dakota?

North Dakota court records include a wide range of information related to legal processes. They may contain court filings, dockets, and case files that provide details about the proceedings and actions taken in a particular case. These records also include North Dakota court case records, which document the details of a specific court case, including the parties involved, the charges or claims, and the outcomes of the case.

In addition, court records in North Dakota may include criminal records and sentencing information. This includes details about criminal offenses, arrests, and convictions. The records may also provide information about trial and appeal sentencing and rulings, allowing individuals to understand the legal decisions made in a particular case.

How to Find Court Records in North Dakota in 2023

To obtain court records in North Dakota, there are several options available. One way to access court records is through online resources. The North Dakota Courts website ( provides online access to court records, allowing individuals to search for records by date, time, case number, and parties involved. This online search tool is a convenient and efficient way to find court records from various counties in North Dakota.

Additionally, some county websites in North Dakota provide access to court records. For example, the Barnes County Court Records ( and the Cass County Court Records ( can be accessed online. These websites allow individuals to search for court records specific to those counties.

It's important to note that not all court records may be available online. In some cases, individuals may need to visit the courthouse in person to obtain certain records. This may be necessary for older records or for cases that are not available online.

Lookup Court Records in North Dakota

Here are some useful links to lookup court records in North Dakota:

  • North Dakota Courts - This website provides access to court records from various counties in North Dakota. You can search for court records by date, time, case number, and parties involved.

  • North Dakota Criminal Records - This website allows you to search for criminal records in North Dakota by name, date of birth, and address.

  • Barnes County Court Records - Find court records for Barnes County, North Dakota by date, time, case number, and parties involved.

  • Cass County Court Records - Access court records for Cass County, North Dakota by date, time, case number, and parties involved.

Please note that availability of court records may vary depending on the county and the type of record you are searching for. It is recommended to check the specific county websites for more information on accessing court records.